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East Fort Myers and Buckingham

If you are looking for East Fort Myers or Buckingham on your map – you may not see it. Both areas are unincorporated, and generally, your map will just say Fort Myers. These communities generally encompass the zip code 33905. People who live here say it is Tice, East Fort Myers, or Buckingham. This east part of Lee County Florida still has large tracks of undeveloped land that are not as available anymore west of I-75.

New upscale communities are popping up on what was farmland. This is causing a debate between those who want to provide needed housing and those who want to keep this area rural. If you are looking more for rural areas in SWFL, Buckingham, North Fort Myers, and Alva are a good start. This East Fort Myers area has everything from riverfront homes, entire neighborhoods still filled with mid-century homes now being renovated, 55+ communities, a park to see the manatees, to horse country acreage homes, and numerous family and pet-friendly trails.

Easy access to main roads like State Rd 80 (Palm Beach Blvd), State Rd 31, Buckingham Rd, and I-75, offer easy access to all SWFL. Check it out!


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