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About Virtual Florida Realty, Inc.

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Virtual Florida Realty, Inc. is the oldest and #1 Full Service – Low Fee MLS Brokerage in SW Florida! The Lussier Team has been serving SWFL for over 30 years! Our service and results are second to none! All of our listings are entered into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and we always work with all area Realtors. We have openly advertised our fee structure and services from day one!

We are a 100% local independent, family-owned company. We don’t pay franchise fees – we pass that savings on to you! We keep our office small on purpose – you will never be treated like a number with us. We are proud to be a family-owned, independent business! We have openly advertised our fees and services from day one! Our goal was never to charge as much as we could but to offer great service, and results, at a great price. We offer the best value around! Virtual Florida Realty, Inc. was started with one simple concept; Provide our Sellers and Buyers with the best possible service at the lowest prices! That’s why we’re Lee County’s Oldest and #1 Full Service – Low Fee Brokerage! The Lussier team has been serving Lee County FL since 1993. Andy & Izabel Lussier started Virtual Florida Realty in 1997.

Think charging less while providing service, advertising, and results is easy? Nearly all “Flat Fee” or “Discount” Brokerages have gone out of business. Many so-called big-name “Full-Service” companies charging high fees went out of business during the real estate crash a few years ago. Apparently, 6% to 7% fees were not enough to keep them in business. Brokerages all over SWFL continue to drop their commission rate to compete with us. Virtual Florida Realty, Inc. is the benchmark on service and fee structure that others compete with. Virtual Florida Realty, Inc. is still going strong and serving all of Lee County Florida! GOT FEES? Even with our decades-old low commission rate, proven results, 30+ years of experience, excellent marketing plan, etc., we never charge our sellers or buyers any automatic extra add-on fees at Closing. That alone could save the seller and buyer – YOU – $295 to over $750 at closing! These fees go by many names including transaction fees, processing fees, administrative fees, extra commissions, scanning and archiving fee, or our favorite, regulatory compliance fee. ( It almost sounds like a tax from the government, but they are really just charging you an extra fee, to comply with their own regulation ). We are proud of the fact that we have saved our Sellers and Buyers like you millions in commissions and fees since starting their real estate careers.

● No gimmicks or tricks!
● We won’t charge you an extra $395 at closing, then offer you the “free” use of a moving truck!

We welcome you to compare our years of local experience, our personalized service, our fees, our results, and our reputation with ANY Realtor at ANY Price! Are most SWFL firms becoming Discount Brokers? Back in the early 90s – it was said that any agent that charged less than 6% was a discount agent – no matter how great their service was. Any agent that charged 6% or more was a full-service agent – no matter how bad their service was. From what we see, it looks like many of them are now bragging about a fee they laughed at 30 years ago. Andrew Lussier & The Lussier Team has been serving SW Florida since 1993. They have been consistently ranked among the top-selling MLS Realtors in Lee County FL and SW Florida for decades! Service and Results equals true value. Advertising (like this website) is important – but much of our business is from the personal referrals we receive from those that have worked with us.
How many great reviews would make you feel comfortable working with someone – 25, 50, 100, or more? Please check out our 100+ 5 Star Reviews on multiple sites like Zillow,, and Google!

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